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Our mission is to provide support, resources, information, education and love to those living with brain tumors. Our services will also be extended to their loved ones and care givers.

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Brain Tumor Awareness Campaign


As one who is surviving two different types of brain tumors, this brain tumor awareness campaign is specifically designed for those who are dealing with any type of brain tumors and their families. 

Most people, especially in the African American communities go undiagnosed, underdiagnosed, ill - advised and misdiagnosed, when it comes to discovering, diagnosing and treating brain tumors. The majority, in the African American communities remain in these unfortunate situations because there is either a lack of resources, education and information available to them and some don't have any or adeqaute insurance that will cover treatments, surgeries or the expensive medications. For this cause, many are left to suffer debilitating migraines, impaired or loss of vision, depression, extreme cluster headaches, vertigo, stroke and stroke like syptoms. 

I suffered two TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack), a brief stroke like attack. The first one was in July 2013, which is when they first discovered the brain tumor and the second one was February 2015, when we learned that despite being in treatment for two years, the tumor wasn't responding to treatment and had doubled in size, causing me to lose all my peripheral vision on both sides. More on migraines, cluster headaches, and TIAs later.

There is so much more I will share on this page, so please check back periodically for updates.

My mission is to bring awareness to these individuals and their loved ones, through resources, education, information, concerning available treatments options, support groups, and possibly insurance.

Help us spread the word that there is hope and help for those surviving and living with brain tumors.

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About Our Brain Tumor Campaign


Why are we here?

Brain Tumor Awareness Campaign (BTAC)  was formed as a result of me being diagnosed with two types of brain tumors. It has been the longest and sometimes loneliest journey of my life. Trying to explain the migraines headaches, mini strokes, loss of vision, among other symptoms, became such a  tedious task that I grew weary of having to do. It was through my personal journey, I learned that there are over 70,000 people in the United States living with brain tumors. (Source: ABTA). 

I've also discovered that in the African American communities, many people go undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, under-diagnosed, and untreated due to a lack of information, education, resources and most importantly health insurance.

The services of BTAC will bring information, support, education and resources to those in these communities and communities at large. These services will also be extended to those who are care givers to those living with brain tumors.

BTAC is sponsored by and is an affiliate of Benita Bradley Ministries Inc, a non profit organization.

BTAC Coming Events

BTAC will be coming to a city near you soon. We are looking for sponsors who have venues that will accommodate this campaign.


We'd like to hear your testimonies of healing and restoration. Email us your story and it could be feautred here on our website. Our direct email is:

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Visit our store and shop for our BTAC T-shirt and other BTAC products. The proceeds from our line of BTAC products will be used to fund our campaign. The campaign will include, advertisements, travel, hotel, venues, etc. All of our BTAC products are backed by our guarantee.

Great News!

There is hope and help. If you're having an event and would like for us to have a presence, BTAC will be more than delighted to be a part of your next church/community event. We are here to be a support for those living with brain tumors and also to be a support to their caregivers and loved ones.

We are making tremendous efforts to partner with National Organizations to bring you the most helpful and up to date information thorugh conferences, resources and free webinars.

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